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Our History


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Here we will tell the story of the beginnings of our church and how we became what we are today.

Calvary Hill Separate Baptist

The origin of our church began through a combined effort on the parts of Bro. Ray B. Shofner, Bro. Horstle Wenfrey and several interested Christians. These two men, along with a dedicated group, began a Separate Baptist mission in Shepherdsville, KY at the Masonic Lodge Building. The mission then moved to a fruit stand located at the Gap-in-Knob on Preston Hwy. Later the mission was moved to a L&N one room building across the street on Preston Hwy. The source of heat was a "drum stove". The church was organized as a Separate Baptist Church with Bro. Ray Shoner Pastor, and Bro. Horsle as his assistant. On Nov. 4, 1962 the church was accepted by the Nolynn Assoc. of Separate Baptist as an official sister church with all right and privileges. The next home was a concrete block building built by: Ted Sweeney, M.T. Hartline, Eddie Pudder, Tom Childers and Lee Roy Kerns. The new church was built on Hwy. 1020 Coral Ridge Rd. The First service in the new church was on July 21, 1985. The congregation marched from the former block bulding to the new church. Bro. James A. Hale carried a cross which was made and donated by Rev. Tom Peppers. Rev. Peppers was a former moderator for Nolynn Assoc. of Separate Baptist. A few of our past Pastors are Rev. Gleason & Barbara Bloyd, Rev. M.T. & Sally Hartline, Rev. Jim & Ann Goff and Rev. Clyde & Doris Lindsey

Calary Hill Separate Baptist Church 645 Coral Ridge Road Shepherdsville, KY 40165

Our History